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Design Quirk Information
General Details
Name:  Oversized
Type:     Negative
Cost:  Two (2)
Available To:  BattleMechs, IndustrialMechs
Reference:  BattleMech Manual (p. 88)

The Oversized quirk cannot be combined with the Narrow/Low Profile quirk, and is further limited to ’Mechs of heavy weight (60 tons) and larger. This quirk describes a ’Mech that has been built physically larger than the norm, such as the Mackie or Scylla.

Any Piloting Skill Rolls required of an Oversized ’Mech to avoid damage when passing through buildings suffer a +1 Target Number modifier. Furthermore, they find it harder to use covering terrain effectively: an Oversized ’Mech never receives the +1 Target Number modifier for partial cover when being attacked.