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Most Recent Requests
Number Priority Type Title Status
2107-010 2 Defect [Force Builder] Warrior name should be escaped for HTML entities Fixed
2107-009 2 Defect [Unit Management BattleMechs] Not able to specify manufacturer information for UMUs Closed - No Action
2107-008 2 Defect [Force Builder] Technology does not show (Mixed) for applicable units after adding to force Fixed
2107-007 3 Design Change [Electronic Request System] Change Force Builder to Force Management Change Implemented
2107-006 3 Enhancement [Unspecified] Allow for multiple tab input dialogs Open - Deferred
2107-005 4 Task [Unit Management IndustrialMechs] Create Crosscut IIC SolahmaMech (Illegal Designs) Open - Deferred
2107-004 2 Defect [Unit Management Unspecified] Switching canon unit from Private/Semi-Private to Public does not send unit in nightly notification Fixed
2107-003 2 Defect [Force Builder] IndustrialMechs not getting returned when filtering against OmniMech Fixed
2107-002 3 Enhancement [Unit Management Unspecified] Add missing SRM/T weapons from Interstellar Operations Enhancement Created
2107-001 3 Enhancement [Unit Management Unspecified] Rework menu and structure of Unit Management Pending Review
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Average life of an issue 7 months 22 hours 43 minutes 9 seconds
Median life of an issue 3 weeks 4 days 20 hours 4 minutes 37 seconds
Slowest time to resolution 12 years 5 months 3 weeks 6 days 2 hours 11 minutes 47 seconds
Quickest time to resolution 21 seconds
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    chihawk, Vagabond