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Commando LP COM-5S Lobotomized pilot BattleMechs 2023-12-02 21:49
Wasp LAM mk. II ((Valkyrie Battroid)) WSP-110-2A CopperCrow BattleMechs 2023-12-02 20:15
Hephaestus AWL-210 AverageTaurian BattleMechs 2023-12-02 19:37
Athena AWL-220 AverageTaurian BattleMechs 2023-12-02 19:29
Thunderbolt ("Weasel") TDR-5Sr Krulla_Chief BattleMechs 2023-12-02 16:25
Thanatos TNS-A4 (CMD) Cody Haynes BattleMechs 2023-12-02 16:21
Poseidon Command Tank Mk.2 AverageTaurian Combat Vehicles 2023-12-02 14:09
Poseidon Command Tank Mk.1 AverageTaurian Combat Vehicles 2023-12-02 14:08
Marauder ("Prototype") MAD-0R Krulla_Chief BattleMechs 2023-12-02 14:07
Apollo Fire Support Vehicle Mk.1 AverageTaurian Combat Vehicles 2023-12-02 13:37
Crusader CDR-10M AverageTaurian BattleMechs 2023-12-02 13:28
Hades Tank Destroyer Mk.3 AverageTaurian Combat Vehicles 2023-12-02 13:06
Orion ON1-K2 Krulla_Chief BattleMechs 2023-12-02 13:04
Nemesis Heavy Tank Mk.2 AverageTaurian Combat Vehicles 2023-12-02 13:04
Nemesis Heavy Tank Mk.1 AverageTaurian Combat Vehicles 2023-12-02 13:00
Orion ON1-S Krulla_Chief BattleMechs 2023-12-02 12:48
Ares Assault Tank Mk.2 AverageTaurian Combat Vehicles 2023-12-02 12:46
Locust IIC (Headbutt) R Descronan BattleMechs 2023-12-02 12:28
Orion ON1-P Krulla_Chief BattleMechs 2023-12-02 11:59
Hermes Light Tank Mk.3 AverageTaurian Combat Vehicles 2023-12-02 11:58
Nike Main Battle Tank Mk.3 AverageTaurian Combat Vehicles 2023-12-02 11:56
Hermes Light Tank Mk.2 AverageTaurian Combat Vehicles 2023-12-02 11:37
Hermes Light Tank Mk.1 AverageTaurian Combat Vehicles 2023-12-02 11:33
Ares Assault Tank Mk.1 AverageTaurian Combat Vehicles 2023-12-02 11:16
Rifleman RFL-3NR Descronan BattleMechs 2023-12-02 11:15
Hades Tank Destroyer Mk.2 AverageTaurian Combat Vehicles 2023-12-02 10:58
Hades Tank Destroyer Mk.1 AverageTaurian Combat Vehicles 2023-12-02 10:56
Timberwolf (Mad Cat) RP Descronan BattleMechs 2023-12-02 10:53
Nike Main Battle Tank Mk.2 AverageTaurian Combat Vehicles 2023-12-02 10:44
Nike Main Battle Tank Mk.1 AverageTaurian Combat Vehicles 2023-12-02 10:43
Archer (Ironman) ARC-2R Descronan BattleMechs 2023-12-02 10:37
Albatross ALB-5M AverageTaurian BattleMechs 2023-12-02 09:49
Crusader- AD1 CRD-10S therunnerhex BattleMechs 2023-12-02 01:21
Kaiju KJU-1c Bogusfrog BattleMechs 2023-12-01 23:25
Kaiju KJU-1 Bogusfrog BattleMechs 2023-12-01 23:10
Pixie PXE-13 Krulla_Chief BattleMechs 2023-12-01 21:52
Victor VTR-10N AverageTaurian BattleMechs 2023-12-01 20:25
Karpov KPV-22 AverageTaurian BattleMechs 2023-12-01 20:15
Sturmtruppen STP-3S AverageTaurian BattleMechs 2023-12-01 20:07
Nyx IW-NX-129 AverageTaurian BattleMechs 2023-12-01 19:17
Locust II LCT-2A AverageTaurian BattleMechs 2023-12-01 16:55
Locust ("Peanut Butter 2") LCT-PB Krulla_Chief BattleMechs 2023-12-01 16:16
Locust ("Peanut Butter 1") LCT-PB Krulla_Chief BattleMechs 2023-12-01 16:15
Elerim EL-C3 ArcticDesigns53 BattleMechs 2023-12-01 15:02
Banshee BNC-3Er Rainbow 6 BattleMechs 2023-12-01 14:39
Fleshman SludgeMonarch31 BattleMechs 2023-12-01 14:32
Huscarl 09-Tyba BattleMechs 2023-12-01 13:58
Centurion CN9-A "Horribilis" SludgeMonarch31 BattleMechs 2023-12-01 13:18
Knocker KNO-3R Krulla_Chief BattleMechs 2023-12-01 13:06
MWO builds be like SludgeMonarch31 BattleMechs 2023-12-01 12:52
[2023-11-14 08:09]   Announcements
Site Patched to 2.23.10:
Pushed some more fixes and errata updates out last night. Details of what's included are as follows:

  • Fixed an issue with BattleMechs where BV calculations and AS conversions were potentially incorrect for units with Fuel Cell or Internal Combustion engines.
  • Fixed an issue where AS conversions were incorrect for units that jumped and also had Modular Armor.
  • Fixed an issue where units did not receive armor specials during AS conversion if they also had Modular Armor.
  • Fixed an issue where the AS conversion was not assigning the Brawler ability to units with a damage value of 0* at short and/or medium range and 0 at long range.
  • Fixed an issue where the MASH special was not being properly assigned during AS conversions.
  • Updated the weapon heat for the ER Large Laser (Prototype) from 18 (for AS conversions) and 13 (for BV calculations) to 15.
  • Updated AS conversions so the C3 Emergency Master now receives the MHQ2 special.

NOTE: Any forces or units impacted by the above fixes and/or changes have had their stats recalculated to ensure accuracy.
[2022-01-26 07:14]   News and Headlines
Tamar Rising Now Available in Print and PDF!:
Silence falls across the Jade Falcon border, and slowly, reports reach Lyran space: the Clan’s warriors, so long a threat to the Steiner realm, are gone. Powerful ambitions rush to fill the vacuum that follows. Former Clan citizens both recently assimilated and long conquered grapple with a future no longer defined by the will of the Falcon warriors. An Arcturan general dissatisfied with Tharkad’s ineffective rule forges her own destiny. A Clan denied the glory of Terra redefines itself through battle and conquest. And a mercenary unleashes her reborn command to claim vengeance for past calamities.

Tamar Rising is a BattleTech sourcebook providing full details of the events in the former Clan Jade Falcon Occupation Zone from 3151 to mid-3152. Included are a full historical summary of events in that region of space, personality and unit profiles of key players—many appearing here for the first time, and game information to bring it all to your BattleTech tabletop.

Note: This zip file contains two PDFs. The first is the book itself. The second is the Campaign Map, which with the physical book is a 26” x 38”, double-sized, laminated poster.

Catalyst Game Labs web store:

[2021-11-07 17:41]   ProtoMech Technical Readout
Roc Z
                 ProtoMech Technical Readout

Name/Model:         Roc Z
Designer:           Catalyst Game Labs
Source(s):          The Wars of Reaving Supplemental
Technology:         Clan
Technology Rating:  F
Tonnage:            7
Role:               Skirmisher
Configuration:      Biped ProtoMech
Era/Year:           Jihad / 3072
Rules (Current):    Advanced
Rules (Era):        Experimental
Rules (Year):       Experimental
Total Cost:         802,607 C-Bills
Battle Value:       223

Chassis:              ProtoMech
Power Plant:          60 ProtoMech Fusion
Cruising Speed:       54 kph    
Maximum Speed:        86.4 kph  
Jump Jets:            ProtoMech
    Jump Capacity:    150 meters
Armor:                ProtoMech
    1 Medium Chemical Laser
Manufacturer:         Unknown
    Primary Factory:  Unknown
Communications:       Unknown
Targeting & Tracking: Unknown

Equipment                                                             Mass (kg)                 
Internal Structure:                         ProtoMech                    700                    
Engine:                                60 ProtoMech Fusion              1,500                   
    Walking MP:                                 5                                               
    Running MP:                                 8                                               
    Jumping MP:                                 5                        500                    
Heat Sinks (ProtoMech):                         0                         0                     
Cockpit:                                    ProtoMech                    500                    
Armor Factor:                                   32                      1,600                   
    Type:                                   ProtoMech                                           

                                    Internal         Armor     
                                    Structure        Value     
    Head:                               2              4       
    Torso:                              7             10       
    Main Gun:                           1              3       
    R/L Arm:                            2              4       
    Legs:                               4              7       

Weapons and Ammo                                       Location         Mass (kg)               
Medium Chemical Laser                                     MG              1,000                         
Medium Chemical Laser (Ammo 21)                           MG               700                          
Magnetic Clamp System                                     T                500                          

Alpha Strike Statistics                                             
Point Value (PV): 12
TP: PM,  SZ: 1,  TMM: 2,  MV: 10"j
Damage: (S) 1 / (M) 1 / (L) 0
Armor (A): 1,  Structure (S): 1
Specials: MCS