Viewing Design Quirks
Design Quirk Information
General Details
Name:  Stabilized Weapon
Type:     Positive
Cost:  Varies (see Description)
Available To:  BattleMechs, IndustrialMechs
Reference:  BattleMech Manual (p. 86)

Some weapons, such as the center torso and head lasers of the Mongoose, are better cushioned against or otherwise compensated for the increased inaccuracy caused by moving at high speeds. If the ’Mech runs, all Target Numbers for that weapon receive a –1 modifier.

The cost is 1 point per 7 points (or fraction thereof) of maximum damage the weapon can inflict in a single Damage Value grouping. If the “weapon” deals 0 damage (such as TAG), the cost is 1 point. More than one weapon can receive this positive quirk, but the cost for each must be paid.