Unit Management is currently undergoing maintenance

Maintenace Start Date and Time: 2024-04-21T21:15:19-04:00

All unit management pages are currently undergoing maintenance. This includes access to creating custom unit designs, search features, and unit viewing capabilities. This maintenance should only take a few moments and will bring about new features and functionality that you should hopefully find exciting and useful, as well as provide stabilization to the various unit management capabilities. A high-level overview of what's included in this maintenance is the following:

2205-001EnhancementShow AS stats summary during design
2403-016EnhancementImplement the Combat Vehicle Escape Pod
2403-029Design ChangeChange armor (type/tech/model) in database to utilize JSON
2403-032Design ChangeChange location specific armor (type/tech) in database to utilize JSON
2404-007DefectTurret weight not displayed on BASE units
2404-008DefectProper ammo amounts not present IN MML file for some superheavy designs

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