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Design Overview
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                 BattleMech Technical Readout

Name/Model:         Crimson Langur ((Culverin)) C
Designer:           Ruger
Source(s):          Custom Mordel.Net Units
Technology:         Clan
Technology Rating:  F
Tonnage:            50
Configuration:      Biped OmniMech
Era/Year:           Dark Age / 3150
Rules (Current):    Standard
Rules (Era):        Standard
Rules (Year):       Standard
Total Cost:         21,013,438 C-Bills
Battle Value:       2,310

Chassis:              Endo Steel
Power Plant:          350 XL
Walking Speed:        75.6 kph  
Maximum Speed:        118.8 kph [151.2 kph]
Jump Jets:            Standard
    Jump Capacity:    150 meters
Armor:                Ferro-Fibrous
    2 ER Medium Pulse Lasers
    2 Streak SRM 4s
    2 ER Small Lasers
Manufacturer:         Unknown
    Primary Factory:  Unknown
Communications:       Unknown
Targeting & Tracking: Unknown with Advanced Targeting Computer

Notable MechWarriors:
    The Crimson Langur (Culverin) is the personal OmniMech of Star Captain Guderian Amirault, a
    product of an Amirault Bloodhouse genemother and a Steiner Bloodhouse genefather. Passing
    his Trial of Position with two kills, Star Commander Guderian was placed in charge of a Star
    in Beta Galaxy?s 77th Mechanized Cavalry, where he pressed for the alliance with Clan Jade
    Falcon under Khan Malvina Hazen in the Clans? shared invasion of the Lyran Commonwealth. At
    the time, an avid Crusader, Star Commander Guderian?s bloodlust seemed unquenchable, as he
    pressed his fellow Horses to match the atrocities he saw the Falcons committing.
    And then came Arc Royal.
    Watching Malvina turn the weapons of her WarShips on not only her enemies, but also her
    allies as well, Guderian began to question his beliefs and just who he was following. His
    quest for glory and honor had become ashes in his mouth as so many of his fellow warriors
    were fed to the pyres of Malvina?s narcissism. Knowing he was saved only because he had been
    seriously injured by his Kell Hound foes, with his ?Mech knocked out of action, and then,
    even more ignominiously, pulled off the field by a salvage team from those same Kell Hounds
    he had just been fighting, he came to question who his so-called allies truly were.
    Recovery was a long process, especially relearning to pilot using his new cybernetic left
    arm and leg, but he managed within a few short months. After doing so, he proved himself
    once again on the battlefield, earning a promotion to Star Captain and a place in the Trial
    of Bloodright for an Amirault bloodname. Winning the Trial, the newly christened Star
    Captain Guderian Amirault had his Crimson Langur OmniMech, one of the extremely few in the
    Inner Sphere, equipped with a new advanced sensor system (giving it the Improved Sensors,
    Cramped Cockpit and Non-Standard Parts (in regards to the sensor system) quirks) and
    ferro-fibrous armor. These additions have made an already formidable machine even more
    dangerous, but it takes someone with his piloting skills to make the most of the ?Mech.

Equipment                                                             Mass                      
Internal Structure:                         Endo Steel                 2.50                     
Engine:                                       350 XL                  15.00                     
    Walking MP:                                 7                                               
    Running MP:                              11 [14]                                            
    Jumping MP:                                 5                                               
Heat Sinks (Double):                         10 [20]                   0.00                     
Gyro:                                        Standard                  4.00                     
Cockpit:                                     Standard                  3.00                     
Armor Factor:                                  169                     9.00                     
    Type:                                 Ferro-Fibrous                                         

                                    Internal         Armor     
                                    Structure        Value     
    Head:                               3              9       
    Center Torso:                      16             24       
    Center Torso (rear):                               8       
    R/L Torso:                         12             18       
    R/L Torso (rear):                                  6       
    R/L Arm:                            8             16       
    R/L Leg:                           12             24       

Weapons and Ammo                                       Location          Critical     Tonnage   
Jump Jet                                                  CT                1          0.50             
Targeting Computer                                        CT                1          1.00             
2 Jump Jets                                               RT                2          1.00             
Supercharger                                              RT                1          1.50             
2 Jump Jets                                               LT                2          1.00             
Light Active Probe                                        LT                1          0.50             
ER Medium Pulse Laser                                     RA                2          2.00             
ER Small Laser                                            RA                1          0.50             
Streak SRM 4                                              RA                1          2.00             
Streak SRM 4 (Ammo 25)                                    RA                1          1.00             
ER Medium Pulse Laser                                     LA                2          2.00             
ER Small Laser                                            LA                1          0.50             
Streak SRM 4                                              LA                1          2.00             
Streak SRM 4 (Ammo 25)                                    LA                1          1.00             

Alpha Strike Statistics                                             
Point Value (PV): 54
TP: BM,  SZ: 2,  TMM: 3,  MV: 18"/10"j
Damage: (S) 4 / (M) 4 / (L) 0,  OV: 1
Armor (A): 6,  Structure (S): 3