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Name:  Centurion Weapon System
Type (Category):  Weapon (Energy)
Reference:  Interstellar Operations: Alternate Eras (p. 79)

The Centurion Weapon System was devised in the late twenty-eighth century as a non-lethal means of disabling the advanced Star League military technologies that had proliferated throughout the Inner Sphere and Periphery. Practical testing and combat simulations quickly showed that even a modicum of electronics hardening and combat maneuvering would still render a target virtually invulnerable to this technology, but research continued nonetheless, and some systems even reached operational capability.

Game Rules:
The Centurion uses a directed EMP to overload the electronic systems on a target unit, and delivers attacks in the same manner as a standard laser attack (though it cannot make use of a targeting computer). However, the weapon’s effective range bands vary based on whether or not the target is susceptible or resistant to its effects. Susceptible targets may be affected at much greater ranges than those that are classified as resistant.

A unit is considered susceptible to the Centurion if any one or more of the following conditions apply:
  • The unit uses Primitive technology or is built using the Primitive Units and RetroTech rules, or is built as a FrankenMech.
  • The unit is a Support Vehicle without the Armored or Environmental Sealing chassis modifications.
  • The unit has the EM Interference, Poor Life Support, Poor Sealing, Poor Workmanship, or Prototype Design Quirks.
  • The unit is using Commercial or Industrial Armor, or has lost all armor in more than one location.
  • The unit has suffered at least one sensor critical hit.
  • The unit is operating with any form of partial repair effect.
  • The unit is physically older than 150 years. (This detail should be determined in advance by the players.)
Infantry units (including battle armor), and aerospace units exceeding 200 tons in total weight, are automatically immune to the effects of the Centurion Weapon System. All other unit types not considered susceptible to the Centurion Weapon System are considered resistant to its effects.

Upon a successful hit, the player controlling the target unit must immediately make a shutdown roll as if the target’s heat level is 14 points higher than its current level. If the roll is successful, the unit continues to operate normally. If the roll fails, the unit shuts down at the end of the attack phase in which the hit occurred. The “heat” generated by a Centurion attack is not affected by the normal limits on heat from external sources, and is not actually applied to the unit’s heat scale; it merely represents the surge caused by the Centurion’s EMP.

If the unit struck by a Centurion Weapon System does not use a heat scale (i.e. the target is a vehicle or a battle armor unit), ignore the heat scale rule and simply roll 2D6 against a target number of 4 to avoid shutdown.

If the weapon successfully hits a unit that is already shut down in the current turn (for whatever reason) the unit remains shut down throughout the following turn.
Unit Type Availability
BattleMechsIndustrialMechsCombat Vehicles
Inner Sphere Data (BattleMechs)
Prototype Date:  ~2762
Production Date:  
Extinction Date:  2770
Recovery Date:  

Damage (Aero)
Range (Aero)
Cost (C-bills)
Weight (Tons)
Battle Value
0* (0)
–/6/12/18 (Medium)
* See rules for this equipment

Start Year
End Year
Rules Level

Special Abilities
Tight-Stream EMP Weapons

Special Unit Abilities
The special unit abilities described here are intended for use with the Alpha Strike rule system:
 Tight-Stream EMP Weapons (TSEMP)
A unit with this special ability carries tight-stream EMP weapons (TSEMPs), which function much like an energy-based version of the taser (see above).

As with taser weapons, the numerical value for this special ability indicates the number of TSEMP weapon attacks the unit may attempt per turn.

TSEMP attacks may only be attempted in the unit’s Combat Phase, and may only be directed against targets within the unit’s Short or Medium range brackets on the ground map. (TSEMP weapons are ineffective in airborne combat, but may be part of an air-to-ground attack by fighters so equipped.)

A successful TSEMP attack will have no effect against conventional infantry units, DropShips, or any other units that possess the VLG or SLG specials. For all other unit types, a successful TSEMP attack must be followed by a second 2D6 roll, applying a –1 roll modifier if the target is a BattleMech or aerospace unit, a –2 if the target has the LG special, and a +2 if the target is a support vehicle unit.

If the modified roll result is 8 or higher, the target shuts down for 1 turn. On a 7 or less, the target instead suffers a +1 target modifier for all attacks and Control Rolls required of it for 1 turn. Multiple TSEMP attacks against the same target will not increase these modifiers, but each attack each should make its effects roll as long as the target has not been shut down. TSEMP effects against a target automatically wear off in the End Phase of the following turn.

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