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General Details
Name:  Booby Trap
Type (Category):  Equipment (Other)
Reference:  Tactical Operations: Advanced Units & Equipment (p. 109)

Long a tactic of the desperate and the fanatical, booby traps have been used to deny spoils to a victorious enemy, or to deliver a devastating close-quarters attack after all other weapons have failed.

Though modernized for the mechanized battlefield, the concept of a highly explosive “spoilsport” weapon remains too extreme to become a mainstream weapon system (indeed, the practice went nearly extinct in the centuries after the fall of the first Star League, and the Clans do not seem to employ such devices at all). However, some forces—most notably those of the Capellan Confederation, Taurian Concordat and the Word of Blake—have been known to use booby traps en masse.

Game Rules:
The Booby Trap is a one-shot device that can be activated during a unit’s Weapon Attack or Physical Attack phase, regardless of the unit’s engine type. Once activated, a Booby Trap explodes immediately, destroying the booby-trapped unit completely (leaving nothing for salvage).

The controlling player of a unit that activates its Booby Trap may attempt to use any on-board ejection systems to save the warrior or crew at the same time, but must apply a +4 modifier to the target number for a successful ejection, in addition to any modifiers based on the ejection system used. If successful, the ejected warriors or crews land outside the exploding unit’s hex (either adjacent to it or a number of hexes away, based on the ejection system used) in the following turn.

In ground combat, the damage inflicted by a Booby Trapped unit is treated as area-effect damage similar to an artillery blast. Against all units in the same hex as the exploding unit, this damage is equal to the booby-trapped unit’s Engine Rating. If the unit has no Engine Rating, multiply its Cruising or Safe Thrust MP by its tonnage and use that value in place of the Engine Rating (to a maximum of 500). For Mobile Structures, multiply the structure’s MP value by its size in hexes times its height in levels, and use that value for Engine Rating (again, to a maximum of 500). In addition, against all units 1 hex away from the exploding unit, the Booby Trap inflicts damage equal to the exploding unit’s Engine Rating, divided by 2. This damage is halved again (to one-quarter of the unit’s Engine Rating) against units located 2 hexes away, and again (to one-eighth the Engine Rating) against units 3 hexes away. Round all fractions up. Units 4 hexes or more away from an exploding booby-trapped unit suffer no damage.

Airborne units that employ a Booby Trap inflict no damage to other units unless another airborne unit is in the same hex on the Low Altitude map (or, if a non-aerospace airborne unit, within 3 hexes and elevations of the exploding Booby Trapped unit). In such an event, the other airborne unit must make a Control Roll/Piloting Skill Roll when the Booby Trap explodes. If this roll fails, the other airborne unit suffers damage equal to one-quarter of the exploding unit’s Engine Rating (as computed above). Aerospace units operating on the space map that activate a Booby Trap inflict no damage to nearby units.

If an atmosphere is present and the underlying terrain is not water, the hex occupied by an exploding Booby Trapped unit is filled with fire after the unit’s destruction. Critical hits to a Booby Trap will not set off the device, but will simply disable its arming systems, rendering it inoperable.
Unit Type Availability
BattleMechsIndustrialMechsCombat Vehicles
Primitive/Inner Sphere Data (BattleMechs)
Prototype Date:  PS
Production Date:  ~3080
Extinction Date:  
Recovery Date:  

BattleMech Specific Construction Rules
May be mounted on Primitive/Inner Sphere units in accordance with the following construction rules:
 May mount up to one per unit
 May only be mounted in the Center Torso

Damage (Aero)
Range (Aero)
Cost (C-bills)
Weight (Tons)
Battle Value
* (*)
–/–/–/3 (*)
* See rules for this equipment

Start Year
End Year
Rules Level

Special Abilities
Booby Trap

Special Unit Abilities
The special unit abilities described here are intended for use with the Alpha Strike rule system:
 Booby Trap (BT)
The booby trap is a last-ditch weapon. A unit with this ability has devoted considerable mass toward a devastating self-destruct mechanism designed inflict damage on nearby units as well. The booby trap may be activated during the Combat Phase, in place of a weapon or physical attack. Once activated, the system automatically destroys the unit and delivers an area-effect attack to all units within an area covered by a 2” AoE template. Activated on the ground, all units in the area of effect suffer damage equal to the booby-trapped unit’s weight/size class times half its Move. For example, a booby-trapped assault ’Mech with a Move of 6” would deliver 12 points of damage (Size 4 x [Move 6” ÷ 2] = 12) to all units in its area of effect.

Airborne Booby Traps: Airborne units that activate a booby trap inflict damage in a 2” AoE template centered on a point, as chosen by the player. All units on the ground within that area of effect suffer damage equal to the booby-trapped unit’s weight/size class. Thus, if a heavy aerospace fighter were flying over the ground map and chose to self destruct, its damage to all units within the area covered by the 2” AoE template centered on a point on its flight path would be 3 points.

MegaMek Output → Critical Slot:  ISBoobyTrap
Record Sheet Output → Critical Slot:  Booby Trap