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Title: Strategic Operations Errata
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Member: Mordel
Date: 01-Feb-2013 13:00
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Category: Errata
Description: Mistakes happen, and sometimes players come up with situations the BattleTech designers, writers and testers never imagined. If you believe you’ve found a problem, report them in the appropriate thread on our forum. If you want to see what errata we have issued for our products, here is all official errata issued for our products.
Catalyst rolls in any approved errata every time a product is reprinted.

The following is a compiled rules errata for the first printing of Strategic Operations as of 2 July, 2011.
Version 1.1 errata compiled by Joel “Welshman” Bancroft-Conners
Version 1.2 errata compiled by Roland "ColBosch" Boshnack
Version 2.0 errata compiled by Keith “Xotl” Hann
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