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Title: Classic BattleTech Eras
Member: Mordel
Date: 23-Nov-2007 23:23
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Description: The Classic BattleTech universe is a living, vibrant entity that grows each year as more sourcebooks and fiction are published. A dynamic universe, its setting and characters evolve over time within a highly detailed continuity framework, bringing everything to life in a way a static game universe cannot match.

However, the same dynamic energy that makes BattleTech so compelling can also make it confusing, with so many sourcebooks published over the years. As people encounter BattleTech, get hooked and start to obtain sourcebooks, they need to know where a particular sourcebook is best used along the BattleTech timeline.

To help quickly and easily convey the timeline of the Classic BattleTech universe—and to allow a player to easily “plug in” a given sourcebook—we’ve divided Classic BattleTech into five major eras.
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