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Title: MechEngineer Pro
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Member: Mordel
Date: 26-Sep-2003 00:00
Times Downloaded: 1160
Category: BattleMech Designer
Platform: Windows 3.x
Description: MechEngineer Pro is another one of those applications that was used many years ago. It was an excellent application in my opinion. Provided two types of printing, Quick and Image. Quick printed everything in ASCII and saved on printer ink. Image prints the actual record sheet style printout. Still a good app if you can't afford HeavyMetal Pro.
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Average Member Rating:  5.00
Member Review - ralgith : 09-Feb-2004 00:00
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Rating: 5.00
Comment: This program is by far one of the best freeware editors there is. Despite its outdated time of creation, it has one nice feature allowing you to build a mech using any new equipment with this editor: Add Non Standard Equipment. This menu item allows you to add any piece of equipment you wish to a mech, assigning any stats you want. Yes this leads to custom equip that no one will let you ever use (1 ton 1 crit UAC50 :P) but it can also be used to add newer standard tech like Heavy Lasers and Rotary AC's. All in all this is a wonderful tool.
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