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A bit back, Hasbro decided to do tabletop RPGs of some of their biggest properties. Rather than going through WOTC, which they own, they went through a third party.

I decided to splurge and get the G. I. Joe manual.

I regret it.

The third party decided to use their canned character creation system for the game, but it's not even close to being robust enough to truly handle a franchise like G. I. Joe. For example, there is no character class for vehicle drivers. Instead, anyone who wishes to play a vehicle operator has to pick the "Infantry" class and "Mechanized Infantry" sub-class. Yes, even aircraft pilots.

The manual is also full of mistakes, such as sailor-of-fortune Shipwreck and K9 handler Mutt being given each other's class / sub-class combinations (yes, the former has the "Beastmaster" sub-class but not the latter).

Several characters were heavily re-written to "modernize" them or otherwise fit them into the vision the game company had, often to the detriment of these characters. For example, they decided that communications trooper Sparks was redundant and so made him a cyber warfare expert even though the team already *has* a plausible cyber warfare expert in Agent Firewall.

Oh, and the sample vehicles they have in the manual were all constructed using what is essentially a modified version of the character creation rules instead of a dedicated vehicle construction rules set, something that is just about guaranteed to cause confusion.

To put it bluntly, anyone who wants to play a G. I. Joe - style campaign should save their money and adapt a system they already have, like Mechwarrior, d20 Modern, or Anime 5E.
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