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Design Overview
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                 BattleMech Technical Readout

Name/Model:         Thunderbolt IIC
Designer:           mud
Source(s):          Custom Mordel.Net Units
Technology:         Clan
Technology Rating:  F
Tonnage:            65
Configuration:      Biped BattleMech
Era/Year:           Clan Invasion / 3050
Rules (Current):    Tournament Legal
Rules (Era):        Tournament Legal
Rules (Year):       Tournament Legal
Total Cost:         6,775,010 C-Bills
Battle Value:       2,140

Chassis:              Endo Steel
Power Plant:          260 Fusion
Walking Speed:        43.2 kph  
Maximum Speed:        64.8 kph  
Jump Jets:            None
    Jump Capacity:    None
Armor:                Standard
    1 Large Pulse Laser
    1 LRM 20 w/ Artemis IV FCS
    2 Streak SRM 6s
    3 Medium Pulse Lasers
Manufacturer:         Unknown
    Primary Factory:  Unknown
Communications:       Unknown
Targeting & Tracking: Unknown with Light Active Probe

    A common design in the SLDF, it was inevitable that the Clans would upgrade the Thunderbolt.
    The Thunderbolt IIC first served as a front-line 'mech, and then became a common
    second-line machine as traditonal battlemechs were phased out of front line service in favor
    of the new omnimechs.  Today, only the Blood Spirits continue to use this in their front
    line clusters.

    The Thunderbolt has always been one of the most dangerous 'mechs on the battlefield, and the
    IIC model is no exception.  The Thunderbolt IIC mounts a mix of pulse lasers, Streak SRMs,
    and Artemis IV guided LRMs, weapons chosen for their accuracy as well as their firepower.
    The emphasis on accuracy makes this 'mech especially suited for the often less skilled
    pilots of second line clusters.

    The Thunderbolt IIC serves in the toumans of Clans Blood Spirit, Coyote, Wolf, Star Adder,
    Diamond Shark, Ghost Bear, Goliath Scorpion, and Hell's Horses.  The only one held by Clan
    Wolf in Exile serves in the Second Wolf Strike Grenadiers as one Star Captain Elrin's ride.

Equipment                                                             Mass                      
Internal Structure:                         Endo Steel                 3.50                     
Engine:                                     260 Fusion                13.50                     
    Walking MP:                                 4                                               
    Running MP:                                 6                                               
    Jumping MP:                                 0                                               
Heat Sinks (Double):                         10 [20]                   0.00                     
Gyro:                                        Standard                  3.00                     
Cockpit:                                     Standard                  3.00                     
Armor Factor:                                  211                    13.50                     
    Type:                                    Standard                                           

                                    Internal         Armor     
                                    Structure        Value     
    Head:                               3              9       
    Center Torso:                      21             32       
    Center Torso (rear):                              10       
    R/L Torso:                         15             23       
    R/L Torso (rear):                                  7       
    R/L Arm:                           10             20       
    R/L Leg:                           15             30       

Weapons and Ammo                                       Location          Critical     Tonnage   
Light Active Probe                                        H                 1          0.50             
2 Streak SRM 6s                                           RT                4          6.00             
Streak SRM 6 (Ammo 30)                                    RT                2          2.00             
LRM 20 w/ Artemis IV FCS                                  LT                4          5.00             
LRM 20 (Ammo 12)                                          LT                2          2.00             
3 Medium Pulse Lasers                                     LT                3          6.00             
Large Pulse Laser                                         RA                2          6.00             

Alpha Strike Statistics                                             
Point Value (PV): 48
TP: BM,  SZ: 3,  TMM: 1,  MV: 8"
Damage: (S) 5 / (M) 5 / (L) 3,  OV: 3
Armor (A): 7,  Structure (S): 5
Specials: CASE, IF1, LPRB, RCN