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Wolverine WVR-6K2 CarcerKango BattleMechs 2019-03-17 09:58
Beginner Box: Quick-Start Rules Mordel Game Material 2019-03-16 14:54
Panther (BRAVO 332) PNT-10K Roderick Egleston khanwolverine BattleMechs 2019-03-16 14:50
Valkyrie (RAVO 332) VLK-QA Ray Soto khanwolverine BattleMechs 2019-03-15 23:08
Trebuchet (BRAVO 332) TBT-5N Arlie Peake khanwolverine BattleMechs 2019-03-15 22:52
Hoplite (BRAVO 332) HOP-4DC Ingeborg Schmid khanwolverine BattleMechs 2019-03-15 22:09
Firestarter (BRAVO 332) FS9-M "Mirage" Shanek khanwolverine BattleMechs 2019-03-15 21:54
Jenner (BRAVO 332) JR7-D Clementina McEvedy khanwolverine BattleMechs 2019-03-15 21:29
Assassin (BRAVO 33) ASN-101 Jolynn Bragg khanwolverine BattleMechs 2019-03-15 21:19
Mercury II (BRAVO 332) MCY-101c Reina Andersen khanwolverine BattleMechs 2019-03-15 21:10
Stag II (BRAVO 332) ST-24G Jeromy Cardoza khanwolverine BattleMechs 2019-03-15 21:01
Exterminator (BRAVO 332) EXT-4DX PRITCHETT khanwolverine BattleMechs 2019-03-15 20:49
Kintaro (BRAVO 332) KTO-19 RENA khanwolverine BattleMechs 2019-03-15 20:44
Catapult (BRAVO 332) CPLT-A1 Sydney Middleton khanwolverine BattleMechs 2019-03-15 20:32
Centurion (BRAVO 332) CN9-AC Krystle Lilley khanwolverine BattleMechs 2019-03-15 20:25
Wolverine (BRAVO 332) WVR-6R Deon Spann khanwolverine BattleMechs 2019-03-15 20:11
Lancelot (BRAVO 332) LNC25-01 Miesha Ragland khanwolverine BattleMechs 2019-03-15 20:03
Thunderbolt (BRAVO 332) TDR-5SC2 Jeffrey Juarez khanwolverine BattleMechs 2019-03-15 19:52
Hector (BRAVO 332) HOR-1B Jolyn Chase khanwolverine BattleMechs 2019-03-15 15:34
Ostwar (BRAVO 332) OWR-3Mc Shani Blackwell khanwolverine BattleMechs 2019-03-15 15:18
Spartan (BARVO 332) SPT-N2 Elna khanwolverine BattleMechs 2019-03-15 14:56
Thug (BRAVO 332) THG-10E RAQUEL khanwolverine BattleMechs 2019-03-15 14:42
A Game of Armored Combat Mordel Game Material 2019-03-15 14:35
BattleMaster BLR-1G Catalyst Game Labs BattleMechs 2019-03-15 14:34
Awesome AWS-8Q Catalyst Game Labs BattleMechs 2019-03-15 14:34
Thunderbolt TDR-5SE Catalyst Game Labs BattleMechs 2019-03-15 14:33
Thunderbolt TDR-5S Catalyst Game Labs BattleMechs 2019-03-15 14:33
Catapult CPLT-K2 Catalyst Game Labs BattleMechs 2019-03-15 14:32
Catapult CPLT-C1 Catalyst Game Labs BattleMechs 2019-03-15 14:32
Wolverine WVR-6R Catalyst Game Labs BattleMechs 2019-03-15 14:32
Wolverine WVR-6M Catalyst Game Labs BattleMechs 2019-03-15 14:31
Shadow Hawk SHD-2H Catalyst Game Labs BattleMechs 2019-03-15 14:31
Griffin GRF-1S Catalyst Game Labs BattleMechs 2019-03-15 14:30
Griffin GRF-1N Catalyst Game Labs BattleMechs 2019-03-15 14:30
Commando COM-3A Catalyst Game Labs BattleMechs 2019-03-15 14:30
Commando COM-2D Catalyst Game Labs BattleMechs 2019-03-15 14:30
Locust LCT-1E Catalyst Game Labs BattleMechs 2019-03-15 14:29
Locust LCT-1V Catalyst Game Labs BattleMechs 2019-03-15 14:29
Record Sheets: A Game of Armored Combat Mordel Game Material 2019-03-15 14:28
Devastator (Sierra) DVS-2c2 khanwolverine BattleMechs 2019-03-15 14:26
Crockett (BRAVO 332) CRK-5003-1 Claude khanwolverine BattleMechs 2019-03-15 12:57
Archer (BRAVO 332) ARC-2RC Roxana khanwolverine BattleMechs 2019-03-14 03:18
Orion (BRAVO 332) ON1-Kc khanwolverine BattleMechs 2019-03-14 03:15
Zeus (BRAVO 332) ZEU-5S Orval khanwolverine BattleMechs 2019-03-14 03:13
Rampage (BRAVO 332) RMP-5G Shaina khanwolverine BattleMechs 2019-03-14 03:09
Emperor (BRAVO 332) EMP-6A KIMIKO khanwolverine BattleMechs 2019-03-14 02:57
Annihilator (BRAVO 332) C2A khanwolverine BattleMechs 2019-03-14 02:42
Atlas (BRAVO 332) AS8-KC khanwolverine BattleMechs 2019-03-14 02:27
Imp (BRAVO 332) C2 khanwolverine BattleMechs 2019-03-14 02:16
King Crab (BRAVO 332) KGC-001C khanwolverine BattleMechs 2019-03-14 01:51
[2019-03-05 18:35]   News and Headlines
Spotlight On: Nakayama's Blood:
When Federated Suns forces stormed into the Draconis Combine during the FedCom Civil War, proud samurai Chu-sa Harold Nakayama and the Forty-Sixth Dieron Regulars deployed to Ashio to repel the invaders. Disaster struck when an all-but-unknown mercenary command slaughtered Nakayama’s troops, humiliating him. Nakayama swore an oath to exterminate mercenaries wherever they tainted Combine soil, and gathered around him an independent company whose BattleMechs were anointed by the blood of their MechWarriors in an oath to seek out and destroy mercenary scum. The Jihad provided Nakayama’s Blood with rich hunting grounds and the opportunity to strike fear into the hearts of mercenaries operating anywhere near Combine territory.

Spotlight On: Nakayama's Blood includes a Unit History, Personalities, Personnel Rosters, Mission Tracks, and data for use with all scales of BattleTech play.

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[2019-02-17 10:17]   Announcements
Site Patched to 2.19.1:
Another update has been pushed out. This one does not add anything "new", per-se. Most of the changes were behind-the-scenes. I did fix quite a few bugs I stumbled upon with the below, but never recorded them. Let's just hope I fixed more then I created. :) Details are as follows:

  • Added/updated information for additional equipment. This includes descriptions, game rules, etc. In doing so, I've updated availability data where it was inaccurate and updated all applicable units that had that equipment. This was effectively all designs that had the Inner Sphere ER Large Lager as well as the Enhanced PPC. That's why there are quite a few designs showing as recently updated.

  • Made quite a few updates related to the way things were hard-coded. This is a continuing effort to remove any hard-coding and effectively make the code completely independent of the need to specify rules for various equipment. There's still a lot of places where hard-coding occurs, but each small step in removing it is a big step towards allowing custom equipment. In this round, the following was made configurable.
    • The list of gyros is now dynamically populated from all equipment identified as type being equal to 'Gyro'.
    • A flag was added to the database to indicate if a given piece of equipment could be critted or not.
    • A flag was added to the database to indicate if a given weapon could have a PPC Capacitor attached to it
    • Added a mechanism to allow for defining special placement requirements of equipment. This includes things like how many criticals a piece of equipment or weapon requires, which locations it needs to be mounted (if any), etc. For example, Inner Sphere Endo Steel is specified as requiring 14 criticals, with unspecified placement (e.e., wherever you want). Talons are specified as requiring two critical slots in each leg. This type of placement will dynamically adjust if mounting on biped (2 legs; 4 crits total), Tripod (3 legs; 6 crits total), or quad (4 legs; 8 crits total).
[2018-05-18 11:14]   BattleMech Technical Readout
TRO: Locust LCT-5M4
                 BattleMech Technical Readout

Name/Model:         Locust LCT-5M4
Designer:           Alisa Wolfstein
Source(s):          Custom Mordel.Net Units
Technology:         Inner Sphere
Technology Rating:  E
Tonnage:            20
Configuration:      Biped BattleMech
Era/Year:           Republic / 3096
Rules (Current):    Tournament Legal
Rules (Era):        Tournament Legal
Rules (Year):       Tournament Legal
Total Cost:         2,970,000 C-Bills
Battle Value:       770

Structure:            Endo Steel
Power Plant:          180 XL
Walking Speed:        97.2 kph  
Maximum Speed:        151.2 kph [194.4 kph]
Jump Jets:            None
    Jump Capacity:    None
Armor:                Ferro-Fibrous
    2 ER Medium Lasers
    2 MML 3s
Manufacturer:         Unknown
    Primary Factory:  Unknown
Communications:       Unknown
Targeting & Tracking: Unknown

Equipment                                                             Mass                      
Internal Structure:                         Endo Steel                 1.00                     
Engine:                                       180 XL                   3.50                     
    Walking MP:                                 9                                               
    Running MP:                              14 [18]                                            
    Jumping MP:                                 0                                               
Heat Sinks (Double):                         10 [20]                   0.00                     
Gyro:                                        Standard                  2.00                     
Cockpit:                                      Small                    2.00                     
Armor Factor:                                   62                     3.50                     
    Type:                                 Ferro-Fibrous                                         

                                    Internal         Armor     
                                    Structure        Value     
    Head:                               3              8       
    Center Torso:                       6              8       
    Center Torso (rear):                               2       
    R/L Torso:                          5              8       
    R/L Torso (rear):                                  1       
    R/L Arm:                            3              6       
    R/L Leg:                            4              7       

Weapons and Ammo                                       Location          Critical     Tonnage   
MASC                                                      H                 1          1.00             
2 ER Medium Lasers                                        CT                2          2.00             
MML 3                                                     RA                2          1.50             
MML 3                                                     LA                2          1.50             
MML 3 (Ammo 33) [SRM]                                     RL                1          1.00             
MML 3 (Ammo 40) [LRM]                                     LL                1          1.00