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Technical Readout submissions have been re-implemented. You can now submit your own designs once again by visiting the submission page at Ministry of Intelligence Units BattleMechs Submit Custom Unit. So saddle up and show us what you've got.

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[2015-11-12 22:39]   Announcements
This major release adds a large amount of new equipment options, fixes several recently uncovered bugs, and adds a design option previously not available. The below lists these changes in more detail:

  • Corrected the BV for all 'Mech Mortars, thus correcting the BV for all units equipped with them.
  • Fixed an issue on the Era/Year restrictions when designing Omni units. It was incorrectly limiting them based on the variant being loaded instead of the BASE configuration.
  • Fixed an issue where Targeting Computer would sometimes appear twice in the needs distribution list.
  • Fixed an issue on the unit PDF files where the Roll Again slots would sometimes have an asterisk next to them, indicating it was mixed technology.
  • Corrected the issue where Ground-Mobile HPGs could not be mounted on OmniMech non-BASE variants.
  • Corrected the weight and space requirements for heat sinks on units equipped with Fission, Fuel Cell, or Internal Combustion engines.
  • Fixed an issue where the cost of Clan CASE was not being properly calculated for units where explosive equipment was split over multiple locations.
  • Fixed an issue on the readout distribution screen where equipment that is splittable across locations incorrectly had a grouping image next to it even though it was a single slot in the location.
Design Changes
  • Changed the way equipment in the critical slots was placed such that when the font size needed to be reduced due to length, it would reposition so it was more closely centered in the corresponding critical slot.
  • Changed the BV calculations for the Chameleon LPS and Null-Signature System to correspond with current errata. Any unit equipped with either of these will have their BVs automatically recalculated.
  • Added the ability to create units with the Primitive technology base. This includes the ability to create RetroTech designs as well as Mixed tech designs incorporating various pieces of primitive technology.
  • The following new weapons and equipment (in no particular order) have been added and are now available for use. The source the equipment can be found is available in parenthesis:
    • Head, Quad, and Shoulder Turrets (Tactical Operations)
    • Ultra AC/5 (Prototype) (Starterbook: Sword and Dragon)
    • Endo Steel (Prototype) (Starterbook: Sword and Dragon)
    • Ultra AC/2 (Prototype), Ultra AC/10 (Prototype), and the Ultra AC/20 (Prototype) (Historical: Operation Klondike)
    • Rocket Launcher 10 (Prototype), Rocket Launcher 15 (Prototype), and the Rocket Launcher 20 (Prototype) (Historical: Operation Klondike)
    • Small Pulse Laser (Prototype), Large Pulse Laser (Prototype) (Historical: Reunification War)
    • Heat-Dissipating, Impact-Resistant, and Ballistic-Reinforced armors (Field Manual: 3145)
    • Small, Medium, and Large Re-engineered Laser (Field Manual: 3145)
    • HarJel II, HarJel III (Field Manual: 3145)
    • Ladder (TechManual)
    • Void-Signature System (Tactical Operation)
    • Light, Medium, and Heavy Bridgelayers (TechManual)
    • Heavy-Duty Pile Driver (TechManual)
    • Nail and Rivet Guns (TechManual)
    • AC/10 (Prototype), AC/20 (Prototype) (Interstellar Operations)
    • PPC (Prototype) (Interstellar Operations)
    • Jump Jet (Prototype) (Interstellar Operations)
[2015-11-05 18:00]   News and Headlines
Catalyst Game Labs is pleased to announce the Beta release of the first of a new line of sourcebooks for Alpha Strike: Combat Manual: Mercenaries.

"The Global BattleTech Community is simply fantastic," said Randall N. Bills, Managing Developer. "I've known this for a long time, through so many years of online and convention interactions, previous beta tests, and more. And it was particularly evident during the Harebrained Schemes' BATTLETECH Kickstarter as every stretch goal was unlocked and a myriad Backer Missions knocked out. Not to mention, even after the PVP Solaris was unlocked, the backers kept flocking and the funds kept over-flowing (if you missed it, you can still get in on some of the action now that the BackerKit site is up). As such, now seems a perfect time to once more tap into that expertise and passion to elevate the quality of our new Combat Manual series. Again, right up front, you are all amazing...thank you!"

With that in mind Catalyst Game Labs is repeating that previous process, releasing Combat Manual: Mercenaries in a "Beta Release" PDF book. Weve started a Combat Manual: Mercenaries Beta fan input thread on the BattleTech forums. Until the 10th of December [end of day, PST] we'll be watching the thread to see what problems the community discovers. At that point we'll address those issues that need work, and then ship the to the printers. Keep in mind, though, that there's a difference between "error/broken" and "don't like it that way" when it comes to the rules; the prior is what well be addressing, not the latter.

In order to ensure maximum exposure, Catalyst Game Labs is releasing the PDF at $5 for a limited time. Whats more, were providing several combos that allow players to pick up the Alpha Strike Core Rulebook and Alpha Strike Companion PDFs for a lower price as well, if they've not given this great new system a try just yet (feel free to grab the free QSR PDF!). Finally, for a limited time, all Lance Packs are now $14.99 instead of their standard $19.99.

When Catalyst Game Labs releases the final version of the PDF, it will return to its standard, higher price. Anyone who previously purchased the PDF at $5 will automatically receive a free upgrade to the final PDF.

Where to Purchase:
Combat Manual: Mercenaries Beta PDF: $5 (Buy From BattleCorps or DriveThruRPG)
Combat Manual: Mercenaries Beta & Alpha Strike Core Rulebook PDFs: $15 [Save $5!] (Buy From BattleCorps or >a href="http://www.drivethrurpg.com/product/165479">DriveThruRPG)
Combat Manual: Mercenaries Beta, Alpha Strike Core Rulebook & Alpha Strike Companion PDFs: $25 [Save $10!] (Buy From BattleCorps or DriveThruRPG)

And for a limited time, all Alpha Strike Lance Packs are now only $14.99!

[2015-11-19 09:17]   BattleMech Technical Readout
                 BattleMech Technical Readout

Name/Model:         Griffin GRF-1DS
Designer:           Catalyst Game Labs
Source(s):          Record Sheets: 3050
                    Record Sheets: Phoenix Upgrade, Complete
                    Record Sheets: Phoenix Upgrade, Davion
                    Record Sheets: Phoenix Upgrade, Kurita
                    Record Sheets: Phoenix Upgrade, Mercenary
                    Record Sheets: Phoenix Upgrade, Steiner
Technology:         Inner Sphere
Technology Rating:  E
Tonnage:            55
Configuration:      Biped BattleMech
Era/Year:           Late Succession Wars / 3049
Rules (Current):    Tournament Legal
Rules (Era):        Tournament Legal
Rules (Year):       Tournament Legal
Total Cost:         9,948,107 C-Bills
Battle Value:       1,285

Chassis:              Standard
Power Plant:          275 XL
Cruising Speed:       54 kph    
Maximum Speed:        86.4 kph  
Jump Jets:            Unknown
    Jump Capacity:    150 meters
Armor:                Standard
    1 LRM 20
    1 Large Pulse Laser
Manufacturer:         Unknown
    Primary Factory:  Unknown
Communications:       Unknown
Targeting & Tracking: Unknown

    No information provided

    No information provided

    No information provided

    No information provided

Notable MechWarriors:
    No information provided

Equipment                                                      Mass                   
Internal Structure:                    Standard                 5.50                  
Engine:                                 275 XL                  8.00                  
    Walking MP:                            5                                          
    Running MP:                            8                                          
    Jumping MP:                            5                                          
Heat Sinks (Double):                    14 [28]                 4.00                  
Gyro:                                  Standard                 3.00                  
Cockpit:                               Standard                 3.00                  
Armor Factor:                             152                   9.50                  
    Type:                              Standard                                       

                            Internal         Armor     
                            Structure        Value     
    Head:                       3              9       
    Center Torso:              18             20       
    Center Torso (rear):                       7       
    R/L Torso:                 13             20       
    R/L Torso (rear):                          6       
    R/L Arm:                    9             14       
    R/L Leg:                   13             18       

Weapons and Ammo                             Location          Critical     Tonnage   
Jump Jet                                        CT                1          0.50             
2 Jump Jets                                     RT                2          1.00             
LRM 20                                          RT                5         10.00             
CASE                                            LT                1          0.50             
2 Jump Jets                                     LT                2          1.00             
LRM 20 (Ammo 12)                                LT                2          2.00             
Large Pulse Laser                               RA                2          7.00